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Skyline is the benchmark awesome commute in the bay area, with knockout scenery, awesome paths, tough climbs, and fast flats. It's not easy, but not ridiculously hard either. Common sights include herds of deer, misty vistas with pines poking through, drop-dead sun rises, and ideal riding roads. It's also freezing cold in the winter, especially on Sawyer Camp Trail, but you can persevere. Highly recommended.

Skyline includes many variations, each varying the difficulty of the ride, but not by too much (usually.) Highlights of Skyline include the pastoral Sawyer Camp Trail and Manzanita, shrouded in forest and wildlife.

  • distance: 48 miles (to Google)
  • travel time: ~3 hours
  • elevation gain: ~2,200 feet
  • difficulty rating (1-10): 6
  • turn-by-turn directions | full-size map | pocket turn guide (PDF)
  • inventor: brett lider, brian wickman