SF2G - Commute from San Francisco to Silicon Valley by Bicycle Skip the traffic. Skip the gym. Add awesome. Cycle to work from SF to all points on the Peninsula.

SF2G Ride Styles

SF2G riders like to go different speeds depending on their mood/hangover, so it's helpful when someone announces an upcoming ride to proclaim the intended pace. Below are some guidelines we use.

New riders: If you're unsure about which "style" to ride with, try an NRLB ride (no rider left behind -- first friday of every month) first. Also keep in mind there's a big difference between a 20 mph avg. over 10 miles, and the same over 40 miles with lots of traffic lights -- that's fast. Be conservative in estimating your fitness -- better to be cruising with ease than begging jesus for mercy.

Speeds, rolling times, regroups: The speeds below are rolling averages over the entire ~40 mile ride, which means there may be sprints or pacelines that are much faster. However, there are often regroup points (including at least the San Mateo restroom break), so you'll have a chance to catch up if you get dropped. Ride callers usually include such info; if not, ask.

Now that that's out of the way, here is the vernacular

  • Style 0: unsustainable pace (22+ avg/26+ feel) 100% effort, most people dropped, no regroups, usually only invoked for parts of a larger ride
  • Style 1: fastest sustainable pace (19+ avg/~24 feel) some people dropped, possibly 1 or more regroups, close to maximum effort
  • Style 2: brisk but not aggressive pace (17-18 avg/~20 feel) businesslike & smooth, few drops, 1 or more regroups
  • Style 3: moderate, conversational pace (15-16 avg/~18 feel): social but not slow, regroups as needed
  • Style 4: NRLB pace (13-14 avg/~16 feel) easygoing, genteel, plenty of regroups

Add these modifiers to your ride call to add clarity

  • NRLB: this is a no rider left behind ride
  • Business Pace: no-nonsense, very consistent moderate-to-fast pace, pacelines, no sprints, wear your business socks
  • Shenanigans/tomfoolery: attacks, sprints, arbitrary contests of all kinds encouraged
  • SWR: sprints with regroups, usually at designated points that you'll soon figure out

see terms for more.

For reference, the fastest Bayway (to Google, @42 miles) time yet recorded is 1:54, done at an average pace of 22.3 mph. Check out the SF2G Hall of Fame page.