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SF2G: partycar!


Tired of battling Friday traffic on the 101 in your local corporate shuttle, or, god forbid, in your own car? Then hop the partycar yo! It's the SOUTH car (middle one), 277 train.

For Google-types and others in the area, the most common meetup point is the grassy knoll at the corner of Charleston & Huff, across the st. from the main campus @ 17:17 exactly. From there we ride to Jane's Beer store on Villa and buy some beers & whatnot. For those of you getting on at other stations, check the Caltrain schedule for your local intercept time.

  • train: #277 (almost always, but check the list)
  • beer: yes
  • snacks: yes
  • good times: yes
  • arrival in SF: ~18:40

Once in SF, it is not unheard-of to head over to Bender's and continue the merriment.

Note: thanks to Deep for throwing us the partycar.com URL. Cool!

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