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Bayway is the "standard" commute for most rides, most of the time. It's a fairly scenic, low-ish traffic, flat-ish route that attempts to use bike trails whenever possible. Some sections are rich in traffic signals, if you like that kind of thing. Some parts, such as the Foster City circumnavigation, offer beautiful views of the SF bay. Several points along the way are informal sprint stages. There are restrooms at about mile 19.5 in San Mateo, and this is a standard stop-and-wait spot to regroup if the ride has become splintered.

  • distance: 42.5 miles (to Google)
  • travel time: ~2 1/2 hours
  • elevation gain: ~1,000 feet
  • difficulty rating (1-10): 4
  • turn-by-turn directions | full-size map | pocket turn guide (PDF)
  • meetup point: ritual roasters (aka "RRR") or philz coffee (aka "PCR")
  • scott's photos
  • inventor: brett lider